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Wooden provisions handcrafted into treasured heirlooms in St Petersburg, Florida.

The Maker

My name is Kimberly, owner of Wilder Provisions. I started this company out of a wood carving passion. Being interested in the arts since high school, I aspired to put my desire to sculpt into practical use by transforming fallen trees into beautiful every day objects.

In a workshop we built in our backyard, I spend hours turning a tree into useful objects. From the milling of the wood to the sanding of the spoon, each piece receives special attention and care.

The utensils I make each have a story to tell about where they came from and how they arrived at where they are now. I'm so grateful their story will continue on in your homes for years to come.

Why Spoons?

Spoons are ordinary tools that have been used for centuries. By creating beauty in the mundane, we are reminded that loveliness can be found in anything.

Most of the material used for these objects is sourced locally in St Petersburg, Florida. By working with local arborist, trees that would otherwise be unused are given a new opportunity to serve your home for years to come.

Spoons, cutting boards, and other utensils are each hand carved and finished with skill and care. The wood is safe, not ridden with toxic chemicals that are so easily found at big box stores.

My hope for Wilder Provisions is to provide timeless wooden treasures for your home that will become cherished heirlooms.

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