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Raintree Spoon

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The raintree is large, majestic, and impressive. With a magnificent trunk that morphs into branches and a wide canopy, it gives the feeling of being in a rain forest. The smaller branches are popular among local woodpeckers and tend to fall during heavy winds. Most of what falls is too soft and rotten to work into anything useful. Then one day I saw that a larger branch had broken off and I was able to bring home two logs with stunning dark heartwood. Each piece carries a different pattern, some lighter, some darker. Although the shape of these spoons are all based on the same design, some spoons take on a curve as they dry. I can try as hard as I am able to be consistent and force my will on the wood, but in the end the grain from how the tree grew determines the final shape, leaving each one completely unique.


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Wilder Provision’s spoons are always hand carved and finished with a food safe oil. Instructions on caring for your wooden provisions can be found here.

Warning: May have been in contact with walnut, flax, or coconut oil.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 26-29 × 6.5 × 1.5 cm

Flaxseed Oil

Wood Species


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